MHTC is Giving Back in a Time of Pandemic

Week One

Cynthia Way
Danielle Fitzsimons
David Burreson
Edward Peck
Ken J Scott
Mary Latchford
Patrick Conway
Randy Docken
Randy Squires

Gary Mittelstaedt
Week Two

Bradley Bruegger
Golide Brunner
Jack Prehn
Jason Schulting
Jeremy Fredrich
Jon Aleckson
Mark Banik
Sandi Grimm
Whitney Mauger
Marlene Fotes
Week Three

Amy Massey
Arnold W Fischer
Deborah Szarka
Jon Krueger
Kimberly McLean
Melanie Mathews
Lorraine Schlimgen
M L Miller
Robert Parsley
Steve Phillips
Week Four

Adrian Barta
Alvin Antonson
James Morse
Jodi McGraw
Julie Zander
Mary Buechner
Mitch Doty
Norbert Day
Roland Peterson
Turid Crull
Week Five

Carol Higgins
Cathileen Fridono
Debra Atkinson
Florence Kelly
James Bowers
Keith White
Leonor Munoz
Lester Tyrer
Patricia Weis
Richard Nickels
Week Six

Barbara Brown
Chris Weisskopf
John Kruyne
John Schmitt
Micah Busser
Thomas Cloutier
Tony Leis
Tucker Pittz
Art Helin
Shawn Cannon
Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine
Week Ten

MHTC loves our Communities and we know we wouldn’t be here without you! To show our support during this time, we will give away $5000.00 to be spent locally.

100 MHTC customers will get the chance to receive a $50.00 gift certificate from our local Chamber of Commerce to support our neighboring businesses. By simply being an MHTC customer, you qualify to win. Follow MHTC on Facebook and Instagram as we will announce 10 Winners on for 10 weeks.    Announcements will be done on Wednesdays.   #MHTCares