Cell Phone/Ipad/Other Peripheral Device – Email Setup POP

Cell Phone/Ipad/Other Peripheral Device – Email Setup POP

Please refer to the device documentation or the Internet for specific instructions on how to access the email application or set up your email account.

You will need the following information to set up your MHTC email account:

Key Mail Server Settings:
Server Type = POP or IMAP
   * You can also choose IMAP. Explanation of IMAP vs. POP: http://www.upperhost.com/pop3imap.htm
Username = MHTC email username (everything before @mhtc.net)
   * If you choose IMAP you will need to use your full email address in the username field, i.e. (someone@mhtc.net).
Password = MHTC email password
Incoming Mail Server = mail.mhtc.net
Outgoing Mail Server = smtp.mhtc.net
Incoming Port = 110 (try143 for the iPad if 110 doesn’t work)
Outgoing Port = 587
Authentication = None

Screen shots for iPad setup:

If you continue having problems, specifically with sending messages, please contact the vendor of your device for additional support as these are the only settings MHTC requires.

**** NOTE ****
If you use POP and check your email on additional devices, such as a work or home pc, you will need to make sure you go into the advanced settings of each device and set it up to “leave a copy of messages on the server”. While not required, it is recommended you set a specific time frame, such as 30 days, so as not fill up the mail server space. Leaving a copy of messages on the server will allow you to download new emails on multiple devices.

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