DHCP Setup for OS X 10.0-10.2

DHCP Setup for OS X 10.0-10.2

Click the Apple then on Location and then Network Preferences.

The Location menu lists all connections (Home, Work, Automatic) on your computer.

Location = Automatic or New Location
If you selected New Location type MHTC DSL in the blank field.
Click OK.

The Show menu lists connection types (Internal Modem, Ethernet, Airport) available for this location/connection.

Select Built-in Ethernet from the drop-down list.

Edit the Location/Connection:

Click on the TCP/IP tab.
Configure = Using DHCP
DHCP Client ID = Leave blank
Domain Name Servers = Leave blank
Search Domains = Leave blank

Note: To manually set the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Router click on the up-down arrow to the right of Configure and select Manually instead of Using DHCP.  You will now be able to manually enter the information for these fields.

Click Apply Now.

Click the PPPoE tab and verify the fields are blank.

Click the AppleTalk tab and verify the fields are blank.

Note: If you are the administrator of the computer you can click the lock to prevent changes to these settings.

Click Apply Now.
Close the Network window, saving changes.