Welcome Fiber customers!   

Fiber to the Home with MHTC ~ The Technology of the Future

Homes and families will continually move towards getting getting more and more devices that will depend on a reliable and fast connection.  MHTC’s fiber to the home connections will be the the technology needed to offer enough bandwidth to handle the futuristic demands and needs for home owners.

Radiant Fiber
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Intense Fiber
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Fierce Fiber
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GIG Fiber
1 Gig
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Like to Upload Pictures?
Make it Symmetrical! 100Mb/100Mb
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Monitoring your Cameras?
Make it Symmetrical! 300Mb/300Mb
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Uploading to the Cloud?
Make it Symmetrical! 600Mb/600Mb
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Exchanging Large Files?
Make it Symmetrical! 1Gig/1Gig
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*Add Residential Luminous Voice Service for only $10 more per month.  Ask for Details.

By choosing MHTC’s fiber for your connection, you are preparing your home and family for the future. As you add more devices and change the way you watch TV, you will need more and more bandwidth.  With reliable speeds from 100Mb to a GIG for both downloading and uploading, your home and family will be prepared to grow with the technical world.

*This service is available to fiber construction areas only.  Please call 608-437-5551 or 608-930-9985 if you have a question on these locations.