MHTC Luminous Voice Service

MHTC Voice Service using your GigaSpire Router

Luminous Voice Service using your Gigaspire Router

Using your Internet connection, you can enjoy unlimited local calls with MHTC Luminous residential service for only $10.00 (plus applicable fees, taxes) in the Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds and Dodgeville communities. Residential Voice can include the following features - 200 Long Distance Minutes, Caller ID Number Only, Caller ID Name & Number, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting with Cancel, MHTC CommPortal, VoiceMail, SimRing, Call Waiting. Add only the features you want!

Residential Luminous Voice Service


Business Luminous Voice Service


If a new or existing customer orders more than five service lines, they will be contacted to determine the intended use of the service.  If it is determined that the services will be used for illegal robocalls, we will refuse to initiate the services.  If it is determined that the lines are needed for legitimate calls, we will install the additional service lines and put them on a “watch list” in case their business model changes.