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Having issues with your internet, video or voice service and don’t know where to start? MHTC Luminous WHS (Whole Home Support) is here for you! For just $4.95 per month, MHTC will resolve your internet, video or voice issues. If there’s a wiring problem, we will fix it. If it’s an MHTC remote, we will replace it. This also includes wiring throughout the home, surface mounted or wall plate jacks, plus the pre-made jumpers from the wall to the equipment. This plan provides all-inclusive repair and protection for all your MHTC services.

Luminous WHS Covers:

Troubleshooting & repair of inside communication wires for MHTC products and services including voice, video, and internet

Repair & replacement of any connected and previously working wire and jack

MHTC remote control replacement (up to 2 trips per year)

Trouble repair fees such as trip and/or labor charges otherwise applicable when not subscribed to Luminous WHS.

Does not cover:

Alarm, electrical, and customer-installed wiring

Customer-caused damage/abuse

Alterations to MHTC equipment

Customer owned devices

Non-standard wiring