Maintaining Your Website With cPanel

Maintaining Your Website With cPanel

If you have a website through MHTC you can upload files using an application such as Dreamweaver; Frontpage; etc., an FTP application such as FileZilla, or cPanel.

You should have received an email from MHTC with the address, username and password you need to log into cPanel. If you did not receive this information, please contact MHTC. Once you enter the cPanel domain address you will be taken to the cPanel login screen. Enter the appropriate login username and password and select Login.

 If this is your first time visiting cPanel you can choose to get help or proceed on your own.

If you are unfamiliar with using cPanel you can also view the Video Tutorials. This his helpful for someone who is unfamiliar with maintaining a website.

The File Manager allows you to move your files within directories; delete, upload and edit web pages; etc.

On the left side of the cPanel screen there are stats for your domain with the most important one showing how much disk space is being utilized. If you are close to the limit you may need to either delete files or contact MHTC to *increase the server space.

*additional charges apply


 Typically, main files are stored in the Web Root (www) directory.

This is a sample of what the server file list looks like. Again, note the ability to upload, download, rename, and edit files directly within cPanel.

If you have any questions about cPanel feel free to contact MHTC Technical Support.

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