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The Managed Wi-Fi Experience

MHTC offers the most advanced technology in home managed Wi-Fi. With fast, seamless internet throughout your entire home, including the MHTC SmartGuard mobile app, you will experience everything you want and more.  It's time to experience excellence!  (Complete details of WiFi packages below.)

The ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience is included with all of MHTC's new speed packages.

Experience IQ and Protect IQ

If you already have MHTC's Wi-Fi and Router.  It's time to upgrade your Wi-Fi experience.  We are putting the control in the palm your hands with SmartGuard App and it's time to enhance this service by adding Protect and Experience IQ.


 Absolute Wi-Fi ($16.99)Essential Wi-Fi ($8.99)Basic WiFi (Included)
Next generation wireless router with powerful Wi-Fi 6 that's optimized for performance in the smart homeXXX
MHTC hardware repair and replacement includedXXX
Remote 24 x 7 SupportXXX
Software upgrades for optimal Wi-Fi performanceXXX
Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)XXX
MHTC SmartGuard App with basic parental controlsXXX
Device connection assistanceXXX
MHTC SmartGuard ProtectIQ (Network Level Security)XX
No truck roll feesXX
Peace of Mind SupportXX
Extended Wi-FiX (2 mesh units)X (1 mesh unit)
MHTC SmartGuard ExperienceIQ (Advanced parental/network controls)X
Quality of Service (Device prioritization)X
Wi-Fi assessmentX

Learn More about Managed wifi

  • Higher Data rate: Up to 37% faster than Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • Improved coverage: 20-30% better
  • Increased capacity: Up to 4x the throughput
  • Optimized performance in environments with many connected devices

The MHTC SmartGuard app makes it easy to manage your home Wi-Fi. With just a tap, you can have instant access to your network to view all connected devices, set up parental controls and guest networks, run speed tests, and more. Download the app today to provide peace of mind for you and your family.
Android: download from Google Play Store and Apple: download from Apple app store

  • ProtectIQ proactively monitors network traffic coming into your home, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.
  • Installed inside a Calix GigaSpire BLAST system, ProtectIQ is the optimal point at which to establish and enforce a home perimeter layer of security and privacy.
  • ProtectIQ blocks all attempts to visit known harmful websites and presents users with a browser message indicating that the website is not available or that the connection was terminated.
  • ProtectIQ provides an active security monitoring service that uses a large database of known threats. The database of threats is constantly growing as new threats emerge and the application’s database is kept up to date weekly in the cloud.
  • ProtectIQ can terminate the transfer of data, from the internet, before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable network devices.
  • ProtectIQ sends notifications to users whenever a security issue is triggered, these alerts include details about the device that was attacked, where the attack came from, and when the attack occurred.
  • ExperienceIQ provides enhance parental controls that give them the ability to enforce the internet rules they’ve established for their home
  • ExperienceIQ allows you to prioritize applications and devices within your home network
  • ExperienceIQ allows you to manage the internet content for each connected device in the home.  Block inappropriate categories like pornography or violence
  • ExperienceIQ allows you to set time limits for specific applications, like TikTok to cap screen time


Peace of Mind Support is normally $5.99 per month ala carte and provides all-inclusive repair and protection for MHTC internet wireless connected equipment.   If there’s a wiring problem, we will fix it. This includes wiring throughout the home, surface mounted or wall plate jacks, and the pre-made jumpers from the wall to the equipment. 


  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Connect every device throughout your home
  • Reliable Wi-Fi performance
  • Extended range and coverage


  • Automatic software updates
  • Alerts when unwanted visitors try to join
  • Top of the line protection from hackers and malware
  • Local tech service for worry-free support

Parental Control

  • Manage screen time
  • Manage content
  • Create profiles for your entire family
  • Make changes easily with the MHTC SmartGuard app

"At MHTC, we make a conscious effort to provide only the best in Managed Wi-Fi technology so you can achieve more in your day. Our security and control features allow our customers the control needed to ensure a safe and secure network throughout their home or business."


CEO/General Manager

The SmartGuard App

Set up

In less than one minute set up your whole system.


The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices.


Get real-time updates on your network security.



Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease.


Create a guest network - connect your friends and family with a small tap.


Manage guest access and network speeds.