MHTC Spotlights Customer Service Specialist

cody hanson image

MHTC would like to recognize our Customer Service Specialist, Cody.  Cody will tell you that he lives by the motto, "Strive to make everyone you come across have a better day than it was before you came along.” He definitely does that and we are happy to hear about the great experiences our customers are having when working with him.

Our customer, Julie H, recently emailed us about her experience with Cody and we had to share! 

“I cannot begin to thank Cody enough for his time and patience with us until we found a comfortable solution for our TV’s. We are totally happy with utilizing the streaming set boxes with the remotes. The picture is so clear and loving the record features and being able to view back programs. Great programming, and we still may add a couple of the tiers because monthly cost is so reasonable! Thanks again! Julie”

We are happy to hear you had a great experience, Julie. We also appreciate Cody’s professionalism and his commitment to MHTC's Mission, Vision and Values!