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Intense+ Fiber

$59.99 /month

  • 300Mbps / 300Mbps
  • Powerful BLAST wifi 6 Router and our Basic+ wifi is Included! ($5.99 Value)

Fierce+ Fiber

$79.99 /month

  • 600Mbps / 600Mbps
  • Powerful BLAST wifi 6 Router and Essential wifi Included! ($18.94 Value)

1 Gig

$99.99 /month

  • *1000Mbps / 1000Mbps
  • Powerful BLAST wifi 6 Router & Absolute wifi Included! ($26.94 Value)

1 gig with cameras

$119.99 /month

  • 1000Mbps / 1000Mbps
  • Includes everything!! Internet with managed cameras and wifi!

2 Gig

$149.99 /month

  • *2000Mbps / 2000Mbps
  • Powerful BLAST wifi 6 Router & Absolute wifi Included! ($26.94 Value)

no thank you

$0.00 /month

  • I already have MHTC internet service.
  • Thanks, but I do not need to add internet service at this time.

*Gig Speeds available to most, but not all fiber areas.

*Certain restrictions apply. This price for life promotion is not transferable and only available for the existing address. This is a limited time offer for residential subscribers in the MHTC Fiber construction service areas.

Upgrade to a superior home security experience

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LumiSafe All-Inclusive GIG Fiber Plan

$119.99 /month

  • Includes everything!! Internet with managed cameras and wifi!
  • 1000 Mbps / 1000 Mbps


With MHTC’s Fiber Internet Service, we include the ultimate wifi experience. You will receive MHTC’s Powerful BLAST Wifi 6 Router and you will never have to worry about buying or upgrading a store bought router again. You’ll also have more bandwidth for multiple family members to do all you need to do. It’s time to have an experience that not only entertains you, but also makes your life easier for work, school and to keep your family safe.


Luminous Fiber Connection

By choosing MHTC’s fiber for your connection, you are preparing your home and family for the future. As you add more devices and change the way you watch TV, you will need more and more bandwidth. With reliable speeds up to 2 GIG for both downloading and uploading, your home and family will be prepared to grow with the technical world.

*This service is available to fiber construction areas only.

Domain Hosting


Domain Web Hosting is $9.95 per month.
One time set up of $20.00.

You get:

  • 100Mb of Web Server Storage
  • Control Panel Access

Domain Registration is $15.00 per year.

Security Certificates are available (1-3 year pricing) Contact MHTC.