Outlook 2007 POP

Outlook 2007

Key Mail Server Settings:
Server Type
= POP3

Incoming Mail Server = mail.mhtc.net
Outgoing Mail Server = smtp.mhtc.net

On the Toolbar click Tools and select E-mail Accounts from the menu.

Make sure the E-mail tab is selected and click New.

Outlook 2007 may assume you are setting up a POP3 account and go directly to the Auto Account Setup window or it will prompt you to choose an e-mail service.

If you see the Choose E-mail Service window select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click Next.

Enter the following information:
Your Name
= Type your name (as you want it to appear when you send an e-mail).

E-mail Address = Type your MHTC e-mail address.
Password & Retype Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.

Outlook 2007 will attempt to configure your mail settings automatically when you click on Next. If you would like to configure the settings manually select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and then click Next.

If configuring the settings manually:
Choose Internet E-mail for your e-mail service type and click Next.

The User Information fields will already be filled in. Enter the server and logon information.

Server Information:
Account Type
= POP3

Incoming Mail Server = mail.mhtc.net
Outgoing Mail Server = smtp.mhtc.net

Logon Information:
User Name
= Type your MHTC e-mail username if it’s not already filled in (everything before the @).

Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.
Remember password should be selected unless you want to enter it each time for security reasons.

More Settings:  Click on the Advanced tab if you need to set up your email to leave a copy of messages on the server. This is important if you check your email on multiple devices such as a cell phone, work and home computer, iPad, etc. You must also specifiy a number of days to leave messages on the server or you may get an Over Quota! message from MHTC.

Click OK to save your settings and return to the E-mail Accounts window.
Click Next.

Click Finish.