PPPoE Setup for Windows 7

PPPoE Setup for Windows 7

A broadband connection is used when an MHTC wireless radio customer needs to connect to the Internet and doesn’t have a router.

Click the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.

Windows 7 gives you the option to view the Control Panel in two different views: Category View and Classic View. Use the drop down arrow next to View by: on the right side of the page to switch between classic and category view.

Category View
Click on Network and Internet then on Network and Sharing Center.

Classic View
Click on Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Setup a new connection or network.

Select Connect to the Internet.
Click Next.

Select Broadband (PPPoE).

User name = Type your MHTC account user name (everything before the @).
Password = Type your MHTC account password.
Remember this password should be selected unless you want to enter it each time for security reasons.
Connection name = Type MHTC.
Select Allow other people to use this connection, especially if you have multiple accounts set up on this computer.


Note: Although the connection dialog box looks like a dial-up connection it really isn’t. More information about broadband connections can be found by searching the Internet.

If you purchase a router, the PPPOE settings will then need to be put on the router and this broadband connection disabled.