Construction update for rural barneveld

MHTC is bringing Fiber to Barneveld North. This is a large project and has been broken up into 2 phases. Construction has started for phase 1 and if you have traveled north of Barneveld, you probably have seen construction crews utilizing machinery such as trenchers, plows, backhoes, and boring machines to install “innerduct” along County Road K. They are burying orange innerduct that protects the fiber optic cable from potentially harmful environmental variables. Once the innerduct is in place, the crews will install fiber inside the innerduct. Remember that this construction work is disruptive. MHTC and its trusted contractors attempt to minimize inconveniences during the construction process.

During construction, there will be ground that is disturbed along the route. The construction crews will be back to restore the area. If you have a concern regarding the cleanup, please don’t hesitate to email MHTC at or call (608) 437-5551.

MHTC encourages all property owners to complete the MY FIBER NETWORK Form located at or call (608) 437-5551. The drop plow will be smaller than the equipment used for mainline construction. 

MHTC has divided phase 1 of this project into 4 work areas (see map to right).  Phase 2 will begin after phase 1 completion. You can keep up to date with the process at:

We are excited for this rural area to receive the best connection possible with fiber optic technology. With reliable internet, phone and tv services, your home and family will be equipped for futuristic experiences for years to come.

To view fiber service offerings, please visit Should you have any questions, simply call our office at 608-437-5551.