Small Town Parking Lot Shows Community Spirit

parking lot

There is such a peaceful feeling when you get up early and go for a run in a small rural town.  You get to take it all in as you go through neighborhoods and pass households that are just waking up for the day.  My route doesn't usually involve the school parking lot, but with some extra time today, and knowing it was well lit this early in the morning, I decided to get some extra steps in.   As I ran through, I noticed some painted parking spots for the seniors of our school, and I'm pretty sure I said, "YES!" right out-loud!  This definitely displays how small town Barneveld shows community spirit. It's wonderful to see!

Some of you may have heard my voice on our commercial on D99.3 about Southwest Wisconsin having great people who support each other.  It's how community works.  (If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it here.)  It's true, I'm very proud to live in Southwest Wisconsin, but even more proud to live in Barneveld, where we support each other.  The school parking lot is just another reminder of it.

Next week, it will be taken up another notch as the town celebrates with Barneveld Fair Week.  This involves dress-up days, games, a walk/run, parade, raffle and dance.  The full schedule can be found here.  Keep in mind that this fun is not just for the students.  The whole town, including businesses, get involved and participate.  Here at MHTC, the float planning is already in the works.  The theme is "favorite cereal", and I think we have a pretty good game-plan!  Another important component is the Barneveld Advancement Association, who work hard every year to collect prizes to have a successful raffle for the town.   There are many businesses who participate.  I'm happy to say that MHTC is included in that list and has donated a smart TV for this year.

Our town is doing amazing things, and we should all feel a lot of pride seeing community spirit and support come together like this.  I know I sure do and it hit me hard by simply seeing that parking lot.  Then to add in the community support with working for a company, like MHTC, who is investing in and supporting the events we all care about...  I'm thrilled to be part of it all.

Go Barneveld Eagles! Remember to always choose local in your small town! All these local businesses are the ones that support you back!