TV Support

The ADB remote doesn’t have full functionality for multiple devices. You can purchase a universal remote and then program it for both the TV and home theater system, however, MHTC Technical Support is not responsible for troubleshooting or programming your universal remote.

To turn on/off the CC on the Entone:

  1. Press Menu on the remote.
  2. Down arrow to Settings, press OK on the remote.
  3. Enter default password of 1111*.
  4. Down arrow to Hardware Settings, press OK on the remote.
  5. Down arrow to Closed Captioning On, press OK on the remote.
  6. Use the Down arrow to select the following:
    • OFF – No CC data goes to TV
    • On TV – CC data goes to TV via coax, settings in TV can turn on/off CC data
    • ON STB (CC1) – CC data appears on screen of stream associated with remote, even if CC data on TV is set to OFF
    • On STB (CC2) – Not used
    • On STB (CC3) – Not Used
    • On STB (CC4) – Not Used
  7. After making the selection, press OK on the remote.
  8. To store the change, Down arrow to Submit, press OK on the remote.
  9. Down arrow to Exit, press OK on the remote to exit the screen.

* If the customer changed the default password and doesn’t remember it, it will need to be reset by the video head-end technician.

  • Press and hold the CC button on the remote to turn closed-captioning on/off. Be sure to hold the button down until the closed-captioning either comes on the screen or goes away; hitting the button lightly won’t work.
  • If the closed-captioning is overlaid with another closed-captioning displayed on the TV screen, check to see if the closed-captioning is turned on for the TV itself by accessing the TV’s menu. Refer to your TV User Manual if necessary.
  • Reset the set-top box.
  • If none of the above steps work, please contact MHTC Technical Support at 437-6850.

Setting up Parental Controls & Locks
Now you can control your children’s television viewing with built in Parental Controls. After you create a passcode you can block programming based upon its ratings and even lock out specific channels.

With the ADB:

  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Scroll to SETTINGS and press OK.
  3. Using the number pad on the remote enter your password (default is 1111).
  4. Scroll to the box labeled PARENTAL CONTROLS.
  5. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the EDIT box and press OK. Select YES and press OK to save changes.
  6. To set the Movie & TV Ratings use the arrow buttons to highlight the desired field and press OK. Use the left/right arrows on the remote to cycle through the options and select the rating you want.
  7. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the desired CONTENT RATING box and press OK.
  8. When all criteria has been set use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight SUBMIT and press OK.
  9. Press EXIT to return to the channel you were viewing

If you forget your passcode, MHTC will have to reset your passcode and all settings will be lost!

  • Turn the TV on.
  • Look at the back of the remote and note the number (1, 2, or 3).
  • Press and hold the OK button on the Entone set-top box for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Release the OK button. You should see RC REG on the display screen of the set-top box. If you don’t see RC REG on the display screen hold the OK button in longer to try again.
  • Press and hold the STB button on the remote for approximately 5 seconds until it turns solid.
  • Press the number key that corresponds with the number on the back of the remote (1, 2, or 3).

If you wait too long to enter the number or if you enter something other than 1, 2, or 3, the STB button will turn off and the registration process will terminate.

Programming Devices:

  • Power on the device (TV, VCR, DVD, Etc.).
  • Press either AUX or TV on the remote.
  • Press and hold SETUP until the device button blinks twice.
  • Press the POWER button once and aim the remote at the device you are programming.
  • Press CH ^ to put the remote in scanning mode.
  • The device button will blink in 5 second intervals until it finds a code and then it will stop blinking.
  • Press OK to lock in the code. The device button will blink twice.

NOTE: If your device uses codes 4056-4071 you will need to enter the code manually. If you are unsure of the code please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for the device.

Set up Power & Volume:

  • Turn the TV on.
  • Press the TV button on the remote once, then press and hold the SETUP button until the TV button blinks twice.
  • Press the POWER button once.
  • While pointing the remote at the TV press the CH ^ button once. The remote will automatically search for the code and then turn the TV off.
  • Press the OK button once to lock in the TV code.
  • The TV button will blink twice.

The volume and power buttons should now be programmed.

Find the TV code (Automatic Search):

  • Press & release the TV button.
  • Press & hold the RCU SETUP button until the TV button blinks twice.
  • Enter 9-9-1 (or the TV manufacturer’s code, if known). The TV button will blink twice (9-9-1 should NOT appear on the TV screen).
  • Aim the remote at the TV and press the POWER button once.
  • Press & release the CH+ or CH- button continuously until the TV turns off (The channel should NOT change).
  • Press the POWER button to turn the TV back on.
  • Press the RCU SETUP button to lock in the code for the TV. The TV button will blink twice.

If either the CH or VOL buttons don’t function correctly after going through the above steps, you will need to go through the steps again until the remote finds the
correct code for the TV.

Find the TV code (Brand Search):

You can also try using the manufacturer codes that came with the documentation for the TV. If you have the documentation, enter one of the codes from the list. If the code is correct, the TV button will blink twice. If not, the TV button will emit one long blink and you will have to repeat the first two steps above using a different code.
Test the remote functionality until you find the correct code for your TV.

Additional Notes:
Usually the TV is set to channel 3 unless otherwise noted by the MHTC technician or TV manufacturer. Your TV may need to be set to INPUT HDMI-1Video-1Component, etc. instead of Ch 3.

Lock the VOLUME button:

Control the volume on your TV regardless of what “device” is selected (TV, DVD, STB, etc.)

  • Press & release the TV button.
  • Press & hold the RCU SETUP button until the TV button blinks twice.
  • Enter 9-9-3.
  • Press & release the TV button. The TV button will blink twice.

Lock the POWER button:

Control the power to the TV without turning off the Set-Top Box.Step 1 – Clearing One-Touch Power:

  • Press & release the STB button.
  • Press & hold the RCU SETUP button until the STB button blinks twice.
  • Enter 9-8-0. The STB button will blink several times.

Step 2 – Setting One-Touch Power:

  • Press & release the STB button.
  • Press & hold the RCU SETUP button until the STB button blinks twice.
  • Enter 9-9-5.
  • Press & release the POWER button.
  • Press & release the TV button.
  • Press & hold the RCU SETUP button until it blinks twice.
  • Press & release the STB Button.
  • Press POWER to test. If successful the TV should turn off while the Set-Top Box remains on. If not, repeat the first two steps.
Not all TV’s will program the successfully for the ADB remote.

Mount Horeb

200 East Main Street – 608-437-5551

Tech Support


305 North Iowa Street – 608-930-9985

  • ADB – Coax cable – Ch. 3*
  • ADB – AV or Input cable – AV1, AV2, HDMI-1, etc. (Depends on whether you have an AV or HDMI cable. Try all options available if you are unsure.)
  • Entone – Ch. 39, Ch. 10, or Ch. 23

* MHTC may have changed the default channel in the set-top box if your TV doesn’t get Ch. 3. Try using Ch. 4 or Ch. 6 instead. If you still have problems, please contact MHTC Technical Support.

  • Enter your MHTC account number using the keypad on the remote.
  • If you are entering the correct account number and still get the error, are your payments current?
  • Have you been able to record in the past or is this a new service with MHTC?
    • If you have been able to record in the past, verify that the memory on your set-top box isn’t full by checking your recorded episodes. You should be able to record up to 70 hours of SD programs. At this time MHTC does not recommend recording HD programs as you may see issues with video quality.
    • If your service is new, MHTC may still need to activate the service.
  • Please contact MHTC Technical Support to verify your service has been activated and for other troubleshooting steps to try.
  • The DVR allows you to record up to two shows simultaneously.  For example, you should be able to watch Ch. 5 while recording Ch. 5 and Ch. 8.
    • If you are only able to watch and record one channel, please contact MHTC Technical Support to check your profile settings.
    • If you receive a message telling you the program you are watching and recording will stop recording if you change the channel, please verify you aren’t also recording a program that was set to automatically record during the same timeframe. All channels being recorded will have a red dot in front of the program name. This typically happens when a series is scheduled to record.
  • MHTC advises not recording HD channels due to picture and sound quality issues, especially if there are other TV’s on or you are trying to record an HD channel and watch an SD channel at the same time.

Please stop by the MHTC business office in Mount Horeb to pick up a Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide if you don’t already have one or you can download one here: Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide.

The DVR can record approximately 70 hours worth of SD programs before the disk is full. Recording HD programs, although not advised, will increase the amount of disk space used and will lessen this time frame. When the disk is full a pop-up window will display telling you the disk is full and ask whether it should delete recordings to free up space.

  • If the disk space is at or near full – You have the option to select NO and manually delete individual recordings you don’t want to save or select YES to delete all recordings that aren’t locked.
  • If the disk space isn’t close to being full – Make sure you select NO at the prompt to delete recordings. At this time you may want to lock all recordings you want to save. After locking the recordings you want to save, power cycle the DVR. If you continue receiving the prompt that the disk is full, please contact MHTC Technical Support.

Please stop by the MHTC business office in Mount Horeb to pick up a Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide if you don’t already have one.

Why is my TV screen just getting a black picture? (Entone customers)

Typically this happens when the stream is turned off by accident when using the Entone remote.

If the STB button was pushed on the remote and then the Power button is pushed to turn the TV off it will also turn off the stream. Then, if someone pushes the TV button then the Power button to turn the TV back on the TV will come on but the stream will still be turned off.

  • Point the remote away from the TV or hold your hand over the front of the remote covering the infra red light and push STB then POWER to turn the stream back on.
  • You may find yourself having to cycle between the STB, POWER and TV buttons to get the remote to function properly.

See Programming the Entone Remote Control for instructions on how to program the Entone remote control.

  • Verify the feature has been turned on. The setting can be found by pressing Menu on the remote and then accessing the Vault.
  • If the feature is already enabled try resetting the set-top box.
  • If you continue to have problems, please contact MHTC Technical Support at 437-6850.