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Available for Mt Horeb, Blue Mounds, and Dodgeville


$136.99 /month

  • Includes Watch TV Everywhere


$54.75 /month

  • Local and Shopping Networks

High Definition

$3.95 /month

  • Get more color, clarity & detail


$11.95 /month

  • Watch TV on your own schedule

HD Information/Requirements

  • 3 TVs per $3.95 charge
  • Subscribe to MHTC Digital Cable TV service (12 month contract)
  • HD TV
  • HD Receiver from MHTC
  • HD channels available to subscribers with the corresponding service. (example: HD Enhanced is only available to customers that receive Enhanced channels as part of their regular programming.)
  • Not available in all areas.

Note: Not all TV shows are currently broadcast in HD. Broadcasters currently offer a majority of their primetime lineups and major sporting events in HD, but they are continuing to add even more HD programming on a regular basis.

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

  • $11.95/month
  • Try our “WHOLE HOME” DVR. Record in one room, watch in another.*
  • Record up to 100 hours with just a touch of a button.
  • Pause, rewind and then fast forward live TV.
  • No equipment to buy – no tapes or DVD’s to worry about.
  • Whole Home DVR – up to three TV’s.
  • DVR service is NOT available in all areas.

WTVE (Watch TV Everywhere)

Watch TV Everywhere is a free service for MHTC Enhanced TV customers. Watch TV Everywhere allows access to streaming and additional content from some of your favorite TV channels on your computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere you can get an Internet signal.

Easy to register

  • Have your MHTC account number and account holder’s last name.
  • Go to our home page and choose the Watch TV Everywhere.
  • Click register and enter your account number.
  • Complete the rest of the information needed.
  • Once you register you’ll be sent an email with a link to complete your registration.

Start watching TV

  • Log in at our homepage anytime to start viewing online content.
  • Click on the logos to watch content from those channels on line.

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