Covid-19 Update – A Message from our CEO


In these unprecedented times, we are forced to re-evaluate how we interact with one another and how we choose to live. During this health crisis, we have come to rely on broadband technology more now than ever before. It has become a vital tool in just about every aspect of our lives.

​​During this time of quarantine and isolation, I have become more thankful than ever for the work our employees do every day to bring you this life-changing technology. It has been made clear through this pandemic that broadband internet has become as essential to our lives as electricity or even water.

​​While most people in our community are following CDC guidelines to stay at home, our crews are working hard to ensure you have the tools you need to thrive during this uncertain time. And it is in times like these that our MHTC team shines the brightest. We understand how important broadband internet is for you and your family. That’s why we have also joined the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected Pledge” to ensure our customers and community can stay connected during this COVID-19 crisis.

​​Broadband internet is vital for those attempting to work from home and for students working in digital classrooms. It is also vital for our health care workers who are on the front lines battling this virus.

​​Government officials, school administrators, pastors and even entertainers have all embraced digital content and its importance during this crisis. It is how we get information about our neighbors, our community, the region and the world. And it is also how we stay entertained while quarantined at home.

​​Reports show that internet usage is up significantly during the quarantine. That is certainly not a surprise. I’m sure you have seen the same trend in your own homes. Your children are learning online and submitting work electronically. Churches are streaming their messages to online viewers, and teleconferencing platforms have seen a 300% jump as offices and classrooms gather employees and students together in a digital forum.

​​As we search for something to entertain us during this time, we turn again to broadband, where Netflix traffic reportedly increased by between 54% and 75%, and online gaming sites reported a 400% increase.

​​All of this underscores the importance of what we do and the importance of broadband technology to our lives.

​​This quarantine is a minor setback. It will not last forever. When the virus wanes and isolation orders are lifted, broadband internet will remain a constant force in our lives. And our crews at MHTC will continue working hard to deliver you the service you expect.

Thank you and stay safe!

John Van Ooyen