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Iowa County Fair Special

New customer

 Scans this QR Code

 Signs up for service

 Receives a $15.00 discount per month for 24 Months.

 Has an opportunity to put a sign in their yard and receive another $15.00 discount per month for 24 Months (max is $30.00) When a customer signs up from their sign.

Iowa County Fair Special

Save $15.00 /Month for 24 Months


Already a customer? You can win too!

If you would like your own yard sign, simply complete this form and we will bring you one!  If someone signs up from scanning the QR Code, you can save $15/month for 24 months! AND... we won't limit it to just one customer!  If a second person signs up you from your sign, will save again!  2 customers/$30.00 max.   Don't wait!  Click below to start winning with your own sign!

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Promotional Conditions:

Promotion is available with current plans only and cannot be used on top of other promotions.  Service and offer are not available everywhere. Rate is available to new and existing, qualifying residential customers who reside in qualifying markets where plan is available. Installation and modem fee(s) may apply. Customer must remain in good standing and offer terminates if customer changes their account in any manner, including change of address, change to service, and service suspension (Vacation Service) or disconnection. Listed internet speeds vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, equipment, and access through a wireless connection, and are not guaranteed. See mhtc.net/terms-conditions/ for additional network performance information. Additional restrictions may apply.